Posted 3w ago by @RobustImpatiens

Roots growing out of orchid pot. I repotted her in the spring. She and several of her siblings have roots growing through their potholes. Should I be concerned?
0ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
May be time to repot them it appears.
You can repot again. I don’t see too many poking through yet so you might choose to wait. Your beautiful orchid is very healthy. 💚
They love to do that the little stinkers. Phals don’t mind being in a tight pot, if you have a size up you could repot but it looks okay for now.
@Pegster thank you! They’ve all had major growth spurts recently - all except for one that I rescued from Aldi about 6 weeks ago. It’s still looking very scraggly with torn leaves and no new growth but I don’t think it’s dying. I did trim away the dead roots and repotted it in fresh medium so I’m hoping the little dude pulls through.
@Roserade cheeky little monkeys.
I need the best orchid tips? Any tips?
Repot time best place to get moss idk still trying to figure that out.
@RobustImpatiens mine did same thing got two roots poking through, I’ve come to accept that I’ll destroy the pot to keep the roots when I repot her next year
@Lithopslover yeah, that’s what I’m thinking as well.
@AshleysEvrgreen I get orchid medium from They have excellent hand-mixed orchid medium.
@AshleysEvrgreen I don’t use moss, I like the Phal mix at Lowes.
@AshleysEvrgreen I don’t use moss either. It gets too soggy and you run a bigger risk of roots rotting. Overwatering is one of the top killers of orchids. You’re better off with a good orchid mix and a clear plastic orchid pot with holes that allow for drainage. Ideally, you should be able to see the roots through the pot. If the roots look silvery, your orchid is thirsty. If they’re still green, it’s good. I soak mine instead of watering them. I put the pot in a container that’s slightly wider and add water until it’s just below the rim of the orchid pot and let it soak for 10 minutes.

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