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Please Help! Hard white spots on Monstera 🥺
I got this Monstera deliciosa off FB marketplace a couple months ago. From my understanding it’s several years old, and she is over 4ft tall. I haven’t repotted since bringing it home, but it’s in a big 12 in pot with drainage. I fertilize with liquid Monstera food when I water. It’s right against a South facing window. It’s had new growth recently, with several new aerial roots. I check all my plants daily and I’ve never noticed any pests.

Other than the spots she seems in great health. No leaves dying or yellowing.
1ft to light, indirect
14” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
I am going to speculate that is either a mildew or fungus. Both occur with standing water. My suggestion is to use cotton swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove the white spots.
HOWEVER, I am no monstera expert! You may want to wait for more responses too :)
Drew at @RJG might be able to help. He knows all about Monstera.
@LadyAlula They are hard and can’t be wiped away!
@TempestasVulpis hmm see good thing you didn’t take my word for it! 😂 I wonder if it is mineral deposits from the water. 🧐 interested to see what @RJG has to say!
@TempestasVulpis I just got #plantnerdy with this and discovered those bumps are likely growth points or aerial roots. A sign of a healthy plant! It would be a good time to propagate if you want to give it a go
Sounds like @WickedValkyrie has done my job for me here ☺️

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