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Care tips!
Get this guy at Walmart yesterday and I’m wondering how do I take care of it? Do I leave it in this container for now? It has a lid with 3 holes, do I leave that on? I’ve always wanted one so this is my first one! #NewPlantMom #CarniverousPlants
All I know is they love damp soil, humidity, and sunshine.
I don’t have one but what I do know is they require distilled water, and you can’t feed them dead bugs
Oh wow you got a good one!! Venus fly traps like to stay moist so don’t let them dry out. I would leave it in the container for now and leaving the lid on will actually create more humidity. Just make sure it gets PLENTY of light (12 hours if possible) and stays room temperature to warm
Lots of filtered/distilled water and lots of light!! I grow mine in sphagum moss 1 on my window sill and 2 on my patio. The ones that live outside are waaaay bigger!!

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