Posted 3w ago by @PlantyPlanter

@RJG @Kiersten I was wondering what the ETA for the stickers was? Me and @Leensha-Lou were wondering. Thanks! #PlantAddict #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
@PlantyPlanter you can always email
Ooh ooh! They are so cute! Maybe I'll ask for another one. Mine "walked" away. 😂

Have a great day, Noah!
Goooood morning!! Stickers were sent out towards the end of July, if you haven’t gotten yours yet I’ll be happy to send out a new batch!

Edit: just kidding! I see you filled it out more recently. We’ll be sending out the next batch after our next big beta release!!
@Kiersten ok! Can’t wait!
@Kiersten and I’m assuming the next big beta release is #gregmagic right?
@Kiersten I haven’t received my new ones either.
I didn't either, but as @Kiersten said they're sending out the next batch after the big beta release💛

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