Posted 2w ago by @Ctp1958

Been awhile since I posted but my Princess Cac moved from Alabama to Florida and she lives on my lanai. I think I have a gecko living in it as some of the leaves look like it been eaten. What do you think?
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It’s hard to tell, but I’m not sure if the leaves look “bitten,” or maybe just browning in some areas? Browning leaves can be caused with a watering imbalance—too much or too little (depending on how your soil is feeling, wet or dry). To err on the safe side in case any pests may be contributing to plant stress, you could always consider spraying your leaves with something natural like neem oil or mighty mint spray which acts as a deterrent.
I don't think that's a gecko. They eat bugs not plants. It looks like she got a little dry or sunburned once. It Shouldn't spread!

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