Posted 5M ago by @jaggermckellar

Does anyone know why the soil of my succulent has white dust in it?
I’m concerned that it might be mold :( #FirecrackerPlant
4” pot
Last watered 6 months ago
Yes it’s mold. Take out the mold then sprinkle cinnamon on the dirt. Hopefully that will work.
It probably is but I’m never too concerned of a little mold. Trying stirring up the top layer, and you can try topping it off with some fresh soil. And avoid overwatering as that’s usually the cause of mold; try to let the top layer dry out before watering again.
i have those kinda mold but then i layered it up with new soil and stop watering for a while while fiving enough sunlight.. and now it's gone.... usually it's caused by high humidity when the soil isn't exposed to enough sunlight
Yeah, as others said - tooo much water πŸ’¦
Yep, mold. It’s not terribly harmful. You can scrape off the top layer of soil in the pot, replace it with fresh and add an organic fungicide to your watering routine for the next couple weeks. Good luck!
Add cinnamon its mold control that smells like pie lol

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