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I’m getting worried about my Polka Dot Plant 😭
I have my Polka Dot Plant in a south facing window and she was doing great! But the UV rays have been getting to an 8 in SC so I put her about 3 feet from the window so she doesn’t get sunburned but I don’t think she likes it? Will the UV get her sunburned? Don’t know what to do 😭

is the lean to the right in the picture towards the light?
There is film you can put on your windows to deflect the UV rays; I know this is something that is concerning for you.

Do you have grow lights? My polka dot plant 2.0 is doing really well under my grow lights. (:
But I agree with @RJG - rotating the plant when you water it will help you disperse the light to all sides of the plant. I think plants can be pretty resilient as a whole and I think they can adapt well to the sun's rays gradually.
@sarahsalith I agree. The nice thing about the gradual increase in sun from winter through spring is the slow increase gives plants time to adjust!
@RJG @sarahsalith so the plant leans like that because part of sun and other part of how it got potted. I paid PlantHouse to pot her because that’s where I got her.

I just watered her again because she needed it. I’m going to wait to see how tomorrow goes before getting a grow light on Amazon!
I keep mine under a grow light and she is doing very well

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