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I've owned this since Apr 1st and most leaves are borwn and are now falling off. This is my 3rd time posting in the community. Any suggestions on saving this plant???
What direction does that window face?
How much light does it get? How often do you water it? Do you let the soil dry out in between waterings?
@RJG South facing window, with blinds. This window faces our sideyard which gets a decent sun but also shade due the homes being on top of eachother
😒 It's a weeping fig and it weeps when it's not getting enough light. Is that the brightest spot in your house?
Ficus love a ton of light. here my gang out on #RJGsPatio. So the more light you can get it the better!
@WickedValkyrie i think this app is telling me 1/2 cup every 4 days. I've checked before to ensure the soil is dry. The pot also has drainage as well
@RJG and @sarahsalith are likely correct then. (They usually are.) Probably wants more light. πŸ–€
@sarahsalith it is the brightest room in house for sure
@grasshopper is there anyway you could add #GrowLights for some supplemental lighting? If you click the hashtag there are a bunch of different options from fully put together grow lights to grow bulbs that can go in ordinary fixtures.
@rjg okie dokie grow light ready
Oh nice! I would slowly introduce it to the light I think. What about you @sarahsalith ? I'm worried cause we're running out of leaves but I don't want to shock it.
@RJG I have that light and it's not a bright light in my opinion. I think the plant would be fine with that light.οΏΌ it's a good intro light. (:οΏΌ
@sarahsalith excellent! Blast it !

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