Posted 1M ago by @DeluxeTagetes

Mine was dying. One of its leaves turned yellow and I decided to cut it out. What to do?
7” pot
Last watered 1 month ago
It does not have drainage?
Definitely check the roots! It looks like another leaf is starting to yellow as well, my assumption would be root rot/root decline due to overwatering and not enough sunlight.
Do you have a photo? If it is one of the original leaves, yellow could mean that it’s aged and just falling off. But if it is a younger leaf, then it means you are watering too much. So back off on the watering until the soil is about 2-3 inches dry before watering again. Cutting the yellow leaf off is a good idea so that it does not compete for nutrients with the healthy leaves.
@calvina Here it is.
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@calvina is so right. I'd snip that little leaf off so your plant can focus on the green growth.

Your plant looks pretty new - I would NOT poke around at the roots.

How long have you had it? If you haven't had it very long, it's probably acclimating to its new spot. Sometimes plants lose leaves while they are acclimating.

I'd leaf it alone for a while and let it focus on growing. Please keep us posted. (:
Thx for sending the photo instinctually, I think your pot is too big for the plant. Even though the leaves are big. I’m guessing the rootball is too small for this pot. So the result is that the soil is retaining too much water for the roots to drink and then causing the yellow leaves.

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