Posted 3M ago by @BreathyGreenGro

Hey! My plant has white powder all over. I set it outside...

4ft to light, indirect
14” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
It could be mealy bugs. My pothos started with it and I took alcohol on a Qtip and did all the leaves top and bottom and got rid of it quick. So give it a try before they spread. If it just started you might be able to kill them before it gets to bad. You can make a mixture of alcohol and water and spray the whole plant. Oh don't forget the stem.
@BreathyGreenGro It could be powdery mildew. Do you have a pic?
Sounds like mildew/mold. Vinegar and water mix will disinfect, clean, and kill the mildew. It needs more light and a lot more air circulation I'm the room to help prevent it and im pretty sure it will spread. The vinegar mix ja great to use to clean the foliage with once a month or so as well to disinfect and clean dust off your leaves. Also will deter certain pests .
Remington needs a drying out and 10 if not more days to water πŸ’¦ again
Beautiful Though❀️❀️πŸͺ΄πŸͺ΄