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What’s your favorite type of philodendron?
I recently added this Rojo Congo to my #PhiloFlock but I’ve always been partial to my prince of orange. Of course a PPP is high on my list too. I’m thinking this spring might be when I really expand my #Philodendron collection. #PLANTMAFIA #HappyPlants #NewGrowth
6” pot
Last watered 1 day ago
How could I forget my micans!? Fast growing queen
i think eventually it will be my #PPP Rosé. but currently there is no competition for Brazzy my #PhilodendronBrasil
is @BoozyBillsBabe in the office today? her office #PhiloFlock stunts
@RJG wow I’m the worst I forgot about my Brasil too!!
I love my silver sword! I saw one here and had to find one for myself 😂
Also can’t forget the giant unknown philodendron I got from a friend this spring. She’s definitely a favorite!
@ESylvanus I love it!
Only kind I currently have are birkins but maybe I’ll add another philo soon 👀
@BJoyce what a beautiful plant. I may need to put that on my plant list too.
@RJG your brasil has grown so much!!!
thanks @Lara !!
@BJoyce ooh, I think this is the same as a cutting I have that I have! I’ve been trying to figure out what it is since I got it!
This is so pretty, but my favourite is philodendron birkin. I haven’t got one yet but I will
@RJG unfortunately I am not! I will be back in my office on Monday and will do a #PhiloFlock update!
don’t have any of my own but man do i love the mexicanum!! my mom and i call it a doggo plant bc the leaves look like borzoi dogs :) they’re so cute
My baby is growing strong. I got her in June in a 2 inch container and now she well over double the size.

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