Posted 1M ago by @YiftSunstar

I lost all the leaves! I need major help fixing and babying my snow Queen back to the leafy goddess she was! Soil, water?
1ft to light, indirect
12” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
I think it’s way to far gone. It looks like it’s never watered
@Jilliebeanstalk 😭 do you think I could attempt to repot it and water it? The leaves turned brown but were very soft.
Water well but allow to dip dry completely, place the whole thing pot & all in ziplock type bag.. add bright indirect light & if possible a heat mat will assist.. time & patients, & you will be amazed
@YiftSunstar you could trim all the leaves off repot and water and see if the roots have any life left I then but make sure you give it some sunlight and water it weekly.
Here's another wet stick beginning to thrive, it was just nodes
@THEDIRTDIGGER the pot is way too big to put in a bag unless I put it in a trash bag.
You can use Glad press & seal to cover it, your basically making a tent & allowing the moisture to not escape
@THEDIRTDIGGER they might just be better off cutting all the leaves and sticking the roots in straight water at this point. What do you think??

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