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Fungus gnats?!
Best method to get rid of fungus gnats? #PestControl #fungusgnats #gnats #pestbegone
I sprinkle some cinnamon on the surface of my soil and then reapply as needed (usually once a month or less)
I agree with @RiverVal but I’ll add something else: I highly suggest staying away from buying premade chemicals to help from the store. They are super expensive and often are only a handful of ingredients. If you do some research you can find a recipe to make your own. 😊
Mosquito bits! Or Mosquito dunks, the dunks you have to put in a gallon of water for 24 hours and then use the water. It is BTI and completely harmless to plants, animals, and people. Also, sticky traps and neem oil. Go at it hard! And clean the surfaces around your pots with a tiny bit of bleach, if you have carpet you will need to use a water vacuum. The cleaning is to get rid of any larvae. The gnats themselves are harmless, it’s the larvae that live in the soil and do the most damage! I had a fern that brought in this pest and have been dealing with it for a month and a half maybe more. Started with neem, then neem and stickies, and now I just did the BTI water and I think that did it. TBD. GOODLUCK!
@Riggyroo3 I agree with @LadyAlula that’s my route I would take.

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