Posted 1M ago by @WhollyCutgrass

New purchase - any advice?

I just bought this beauty and have never had one before! Would love any advice you guys can give. It’s currently in an east-facing window that gets direct sunlight maybe 4 hours a day. #BurrosTail
0ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Not too familiar with this kind do plant (although it is very cool looking) but I would hazard a guess you could treat it similar to a succulent or pearl plant. Wait until the leaves can be folded a little then water. Make sure you have good drainage too!!
I see your care card says pot with no drainage. I would change that to a terracotta pot with drainage. They’re going to prefer to dry all the way in between waterings. Good luck πŸ’šπŸŒ±
@Azplantchic thank you! I’m new to the app and haven’t updated all my care cards. It’s in a plastic potter inside of a ceramic pot. Been bottom watering!
@WhollyCutgrass okay cool! That’s good news 🀩 It may also want more light but you’ll have to see how it grows. If it starts stretching out that means it needs more light.