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Help? Maybe?
I got Hot Mess in the mail today and she came very damaged. Any advice? Could I propagate the piece that fell off? What is this tiny piece? Idk man #FishboneCactus #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #Propagation
(If you saw my other posts from today, hi again)
0ft to light, direct
6” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
Best Answer
Hello again. You can propagate theses. Just plant back into the same pot. Should root reasonably quickly.
Can I ask where you got it? I’m having some issues with shipped plants as well
@Lila @PureKippernut I would contact the seller just in case they can help you out. Just take pics and see what they can do. Most reputable sellers will work with you. I buy from Etsy all the time and have had some problems with shipping and they have worked with me. One sent me a new plant and another gave me 50% off.

But @Gordo is right you it should root reasonable quick.
@PureKippernut I got them from the sill. Recently a lot of my plants from them has came damaged in some sort of way
@KikisOasis reached out last night, I got them from the sill so I know they have good customer service
@Lila yes they do. Actually I think The Sill and Greg have partnered together. I might be wrong tho. But I do see a lot of advertising for them.
@Lila the sill does send a LOT of damaged plants but they are really good about replacing them πŸͺ΄πŸ€žπŸ»
@karlv93 they are pretty good. But then the replacement plant is also damaged lolll
Yeah, it’s the same plant. They just look different when they’re young.

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