Posted 3w ago by @PreciseCorkelm

My cornstalk plant has brown tips. The soil is dry. Should I water it even if Greg doesn’t tell me to?
Yes if it is dry and appears to be showing signs of drooping or being underwatered then I would water and let the app know so it will adjust watering frequencies in the future
The app isn’t always right so you need to learn the plants needs and then let the app know you watered it. Then it should adjust for future waterings. Also make sure you accurately enter sunlight info and soil and pot type and size and all. Buy a soil moisture meter if you don’t have one so you can make sure and check the soil is dry or not under the surface
Yes! Greg learns your plant by all the info you put into it and the waters and snoozes you log. I tend to use Greg as more of a reminder, if it tells me to water, I check the plant about 2”-3” below the soil, If dry, i water and log it, If wet, I hit snooze and check again in a few days. I’ve had many times I’ve watered before Greg has suggested it too.

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