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I Repotted due to fungus gnats and now my plant has been ...

Last watered 4 days ago
@MoodyHippie the problem could be that if you didn't treat the roots, the plant might have experienced root rot or other issues.
Is it correct that the pot has no drainage?
I treated the roots with peroxide after gently washing them. The roots were super healthy looking
And this pot actually does have a drainage hole at the bottom of it
@MoodyHippie I was looking at the plant details. So that's all good now πŸ‘ There would be a certain amount of stress so your plant would be expected to show signs of that from the gnats, root treatment, etc. So some yellowing might be expected initially.
And I assume there are no further fungus gnat issues.
At this stage, I think the most likely issue is overwatering so here's a diagram as to how to know when to water but you can also check the soil with your finger to see how moist or dry it is.
And here's an article which discusses this particular issue.
I hope this helps answer your question. All the best πŸ‘,may%20be%20overwatering%20your%20Aglaonema.
@Seymour thank you. And so far I think I won the gnat issue with all of my plants (I’m new and only have a few) this plant was given after my mom passed in 2019 so it holds a special place to me so I just need to get it back healthy and thriving.
@MoodyHippie Hey Danielle, if ever fungus gnats present a problem here's some really good solutions to consider
fungus-gnats" target="_blank">
I do hope your plant recovers but this is a great resource for any questions so if there is anything else, just ask. All the best and I like the fact your plant can have such significant in your life. πŸ™
You need to purchase mosquito bits from Amazon, you mix 4 teaspoons in water, I use a 500ml terrarium water bottle & then you wait 30 minutes for them to steep, then you're good to go, water your plant as normal & the larva will drink the bti within the water & die, no need to repot, change soil. I use it for all my houseplants & gecko tanks. Just make sure to keep your bottle separate & use only for your plants.
@reepeach I’ve heard about these. People said to sprinkle in the soil but I like the idea of watering with them instead . Thank you
I have done both but when left on the soil they tend to go moldy after a while. I prefer the water way due to fear of my geckos consuming them. The water once mixed is not harmful to my isopods either, I have 7 bioactive tanks & I had a real problem with fungus gnats but not anymore thanks to using mosquito bits ☺️
Did you over water your plants? Because they are most likely be to attraction from wet soil.
@SpiffyGonolobus yes sadly I overwatered. I had always just watered weekly regardless and somehow the plants have lived since 2019 with no problems at all and no gnats. I bought a rubber tree about 9 months ago and that is the plant that has given me trouble and the first one I noticed the gnats around. This tree has not grew taller, not put out a new leaf of anything. So when I repotted it I noticed how soggy and packed the soil was and how the roots were almost non existent. So I figured I needed to repot the others too. So here I am fingers crossed that they bounce back.
@MoodyHippie use terracotta pot, unglazed ceramic pot, or unglazed clay pot if you have issue overwater your plants. These pots are porous and they help the soil dry up faster.
@SpiffyGonolobus thank you. I never really thought about the material of the pot. Good information to have.
@MoodyHippie by the way, fungus gnats lay eggs in the top inch of soil, you can put perlite on top of the soil to avoid fungus gnats lay eggs.. but some plants are sensitive to perlite, so you may want to Google about your plant before using it.
@MoodyHippie My Aglaonema threw an absolute fit from the moist soil it came in from the nursery when I brought it home to much lower light conditions. Adding chunky soil mixtures and backing off on watering really helped! I wait until the soil feels very dry before watering again and it’s been much happier!
@MoodyHippie I have never meet a Moody Hippie before...totally worth it! πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰