Posted 1M ago by @CocoMoco79

Can someone identify this sick baby? It seems that everyone of this specific type has died, and I don't know what it is.
As for me it looks similar to Crassula Perforata
I agree, looks like a type of crassula to me
It is a crassula. But, @vvvelo it isn't perforata, it looks different. (Pictured is crassula perforata, sickly also but next one in question).
@CocoMoco79 it looks like a Crassula to me too. Also known as a sting of buttons.
Crassula has SO many varieties. String of buttons, are different than variegated String of buttons, and those are different than buttons on a string. @KikiGoldblatt the picture you shared is Crassula Worm plant (Crassula marnieriana) or Crassula baby necklace (which is crassula perforata and crassula rupestris ssp marnieriana).

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