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Why does my plant look like this. It suddenly started loo...

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0ft to light, indirect
Last watered 3 months ago
Hi @ChirpyGreen ! I don’t have this plant, but I suspect there could be a few things going on. In your plant card it says that your plant is near a heater. If so, this could be drying out your plant. Another thing to consider is that it’s still adjusting to the re-pot and the severing of the other stems.
I also noticed in your plant card that it says it has no drainage. Is that right? It looks like it’s sitting on a saucer that would indicate it does have drainage. Was it previously in a pot without drainage? That could be a big contributing factor as well. I did a Google search to try to learn more about your plant and found that it likes direct sun, like a southern window. It likes humidity-not dry air and it doesn’t like to be sopping wet when watered. It prefers to dry out between waterings. One site also mentioned that it prefers to have soil of a specific ph. So, there’s another possibility of something that might have disturbed your plant - if the ph of the soil you used was different than before. Lots to consider.
I had like some holes in the bottom of the pot. So there should be some drainage. As for the sunlight it’s by a balcony door so it gets the sun light through the window. The heat is not directly near the plant. It is a few feet away from the plant. I try to water it every week. I think the plant may be in shock from the cutting the stems and repotting. But it’s been 2 weeks and it’s only getting worse. It was standing straight and as you can see by the picture it’s now leaning down
@ChirpyGreen Yeah, it does seem like it should be acclimated. πŸ€” Try adding more hashtags to get more visibility to your post and more ideas about your plant’s care. Try adding: #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict
Does anyone think it could be sunburn? I learned what sunburn was the hard way. My plant survived once I moved it.
Oops, re-read your post carefully. Two weeks after a repot (and cutting 2 stems) could indicate more than just sunburn. (It's just that it looks sunburnt.)