Posted 2w ago by @GraceC

My terrarium is dying and idk what to do to help her
Idk what plant is inside, but I’ve got two terrariums with it in there and both are dying please help!
Hard to tell from the pic but looks like some sort of moss to me. It could be thirsty... How often do you water/spray it?
Are they open terrariums?
@WickedValkyrie I have an air plant in there normally and so it gets watered whenever I spray her so about twice a week?
@sarahsalith one is, while the other one is closed. I opened up the closed one I think that one had toooooo much moisture but km not sure and it seems to be doing better
Moss is definitely gonna want more water than an air plant... πŸ€” Not sure what advice to give you, those two plants have very different care requirements...
maybe instead of rocks for the moss put in some moisture retaining soil that way it will stay moist for longer

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