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anyone else enjoying a #SoakSunday ? or is it just my guy Semmi?
#OrchidOrg #OrchidLovers #PhalaenopsisOrchid #RootPorn
0ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
This is brilliant, why have I never thought of this. Haha.
only way i water my orchids. like once every 10 days
I’ll try this! I always wondered about the ice cubes…how is it getting to all the roots…
@gracegrows @syu just make sure your medium dries out between soaks!
I’m very new to orchid care. I watered mine today, how long do you let yours soak for? Also, I noticed one of the roots on my orchid appeared to have a bit of rot. There was a black spot near the end. How do I prevent that? Thank you so much!
@bluebladeliger 10-15 minutes but it can soak up to an hour or longer.

As for black spots on the roots, i haven't fully solved that yet.
@RJG Thank you so much!
It was really close to the end of the root, so I trimmed it off, because I though it might spread up the root. Should I have left it?
Look at those roooots!! Yesterday was a major Soak Saturday for a large chunk of my #OrchidOrg! They each get their own little mugs, Tupperware, and some even get their own ramikens to soak in πŸ›€