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Hi I repotted my little echeveria and this started happening. But it also started blooming so I’m not sure what’s going on? I watered it once and haven’t since in case it was from overwatering. :(
Last watered 1 day ago
Hi! It looks like powdery mildew, it's pretty common and can form in the right environments/temperatures. Even indoors, try spraying organic neem oil on it once a day for a few days and see if it clears up! know that it is contagious to other plants too
Same, just killed about Twenty the same way. When I repotted the new one, I used moist soil but used dry soil on top so only the stem gets water. They seem to hate getting wet.
Oh wow I didn’t know that. I was so sad when I saw this guy all messed up. Hopefully he gets better