Posted 4M ago by @geckogirl72

Agave nectar?

#Agave My agave plant has drops of sticky stuff on the leaves, and i know that agave plants produce nectar, but isnโ€™t that only when theyโ€™re grown?
These brown spots, are they above the surface and concave? Can you make a sharper image of them? They may be pests scale.
@geckogirl72 you have scale. Use ear swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol to wipe them off and then give your plant foliage a spritz of very lite liquid castille soap with water. More soap than water. Wait 5 minutes and wipe it dry. Keep an eye on it and check every three days. Swab off the pests you see with ear swabs and rubbing alcohol. Keep it away from other plants and check other plants for pests. Treat as needed.