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Yellow-ish brown leaves

#AloeVera Hey y’all! Back again with my problematic aloes ✌️ So I sat most of them outside for a few hours to get some sun yesterday (especially cloudy in my area) Brought them back inside and they suddenly turned this weird yellowish brown color. The leaves are mushy too. I haven’t watered since I repotted them (I did last night though because the soil was 100% dry) Any tips on how to bring them back? Could it be a lighting issue (too much at one time) ? Are they thirsty? I’ll post pictures when I get back home. Aloes are seriously not my thing and any help is appreciated πŸ˜…
4ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
Hope this helps
@planthoe40 thank you. I’m just so confused because it literally hasn’t been watered in over 3 months since last night πŸ˜…
They can get sunburn! How direct/ hot was the sun yesterday where you are? There are some succulents that LOVE LOVE LOVE direct light, but others... Not so much. I wouldn't expect them to go mushy with sunburn tbh, but if it was totally dry before watering I'm not sure how it could be overwatering either! (Though that was totally what squished up my fan aloe! 😭) Xxc
@JenniB81 It was partially cloudy yesterday with a high of 77 in the sun. Actually kinda cool for my state so I don’t know if it may be too much for the little guys. Thank you!!
If the leaves are swollen with golden-ish coloration it's over watered!
@KaiKillsPlants thank you! But that’s the thing it literally hasn’t been watered in 3 months and it turned that color overnight. So I seriously don’t know what’s causing this πŸ˜…
Even though it’s cloudy that could be a bit of sunburn. I have aloe in direct sun in AZ but it has to be introduced slowly if has been inside for winter.