Posted 1M ago by @Megga_plants

Look at this beauty I got from Lowe’s on the clearance shelf for only $7.99! She looks like she needs to be repotted. Also there are a lot of brown spots going on. Should I be worried?
Nah, not unless there’s pests. Most likely it’s just from inconsistent watering at the store. You can trim the brown stuff or just leave it be.
I’m sure it would appreciate a new pot and good soil, but I’d wait a couple weeks till it’s out of quarantine to mess with it more, unless it’s an emergency like it’s soaking wet and won’t dry.
Agree with @Mrsjenger - let the plant adjust to your house (in quarantine) for about 2 weeks before you do anything like repot. That’s a lot of variable changes to the plant all at once.
She was probably placed too close to a sunny window. Nice plant. 🥰

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