Posted 6M ago by @Charli3Plant

What's going on with this agave cutting?#succulentlove #a...

I was given an agave cutting yesterday and noticed some stuff on the leaves. It's been sitting outside at my coworkers house all summer, and I did notice some ants crawling around. It's gonna stay in quarantine for a while because I don't want it to mess up my other plants.
@Charli3Plant I think definitely some sort of critter infestation! I'd get some neem oil or other insecticide and spray the **** out of it and put it in some fresh soil. Good luck!
Too much Neem oil can cause problems with the root system. It will bunch up like glue and choke off the plant. I switched to Earths Ally after I learned that. It works great and it’s organic and it’s safe for pets and people. Also #WelcomeToThePlantFam welcome to the #GregFam #GregGang #Gregverse #GreggersSupportingGreggers