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My plant has soft leaves

My mini Mexican snowball succulent has been living by my window for like 4 days (he is my first addition to my future indoor succulent garden) his name is Mimo (I don’t know how to change his name on Greg) and suddenly yesterday I realized that his leaves were super soft and kind of wrinkly, can anyone help me?
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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@NewToSucculents For pots, I honestly just use cheap little plastic ones cause they often have a bunch of drainage holes… for soil, I have a few links/videos that I like using for guidance and recommendation!! I’ll share:

A video telling you about things that could go in the soil and why, she also recommends some store bought soils at the end of the video:

I’ve attached a photo of the soil I personally use and really like, and this is the perlite I mix into it: soil-74278430/204502291" target="_blank">

I also like this article page because it has other article links imbedded in that you can read and click through:
No drainage!! Repot in one with new soil and drainage.
The soft leaves seem like it could be too much water (they are often quite wet in the garden centre), are they squidgy?
These like being quite dry and lots of light.
Id give him some time a couple of weeks to adjust to your window and just keep an eye on him.
I agree with @CourtlyKingfern should definitely have drainage in the pot, maybe also add some sand or gravel in to help it drain.
What kind of watering do you give it? Be sure it can drain fully and dry out completely in between watering. Succulents don’t like to stay wet, and often will show signs of overwatering by having squishy, yellowish translucent leaves that easy fall off and start to rot. This could be early signs of that, so be sure he can dry out and breathe!
If you can, I would put him in a good little pot with drain holes and place him somewhere warm & sunny so he can dry up.

If you’d like to watch a video with some water tips, here’s one:
@CourtlyKingfern thank you so much, he is still in the pot I bought him in so im not sure if it has any drainage. Just in case I will go whre I get all my info on plants (YouTube) and find out how to repot him
@CourtlyKingfern also do you have any recommendations on what type of soil or the pot size and material?
@TheLonelyDaff k thanks!!!
@itsjordan omg thank you so much!!!I watered him when his leaves started feeling squishy as the girl on YouTube told me to and he still hasn’t dried out, im going to take everyone’s advice and start looking a for a new pot and better soil! Any recommendations?
Omg thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@NewToSucculents I use the type that says for succulents and only pots that a about 2” wider than the plant itself
Kk thx
Oh btw I just left my little guy out of his pot to dry and he is going in his new pot as soon as it arrives. I’ll send a pic once I’ve potted him.