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Losing variegation
Should I give Polly a hair cut? Originally when I got Polly I had her on an East facing window sill. She was doing really well with a good amount of variegation. I moved her a bit over a month ago to a spot where she was about 1 metre from the same window. She kept growing well but I have noticed that the variegation was not as strong. I have now moved her back to the window sill but will the variegation return back to what it was or should I prune her back to where it started to decline? The newest leaves all have a tiny amount of variation in them so I am hoping she won’t need a cut 🤞🏻
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
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Hi! So golden pothos has genetic variegation so even if it’s completely “reverted” it’ll still come back given enough light! Like one time I propped whay I thought was a jade pothos on a window sill and to my surprise it came out with a bright golden leaf! But you can always cut it back and prop them if you want to have a more consistent golden hue! that is good to know. Thanks. I am thinking I might leave her be then as she is growing quite nicely at the moment.
@mysugaredlife yeah! She looks so beautiful and healthy!

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