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should i be Concerned about the black parts??
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There are actually several reasons why a grafted cactus starts to turn brown or discolored, but below are the most common reasons why.
1. Overwatered
An overwatered grafted cactus will usually show signs of becoming mushy, browning or discoloration. 
* How to save it?Once overwatering is suspected, immediately check the roots for signs of root rot. If the roots are still white and healthy, then repotting the grafted cactus in a fresh, new well-draining soil should be enough to do the trick. 
* How to avoid overwatering? Overwatering usually happens when the plant is watered without allowing the soil to dry out completely. So to prevent this from happening, it is advisable to water your grafted cactus only when the soil is dry. You may either use a moisture meter or insert a finger into the soil (about 2 to 3-inches deep) to check before each watering. Also, it is best to make sure that your pot has good drainage to allow any excess water to flow out of the pot.

2. Rotting Stem or Root Rot. 
If the stem of your grafted cactus starts to turn brown or discolored, it’s most likely that the plant is also suffering from root rot (brown or black, mushy or slimy roots), which is usually caused by overwatering or having poor drainage (or both).
* How to save it? If root rot is suspected, quickly (but gently) dig the grafted cactus out from its pot and remove or snip any unhealthy roots from the plant using a clean, sharp knife or scissor, and replant it in a new pot with fresh, new well-draining soil.
* How to avoid rotting stem or root rot?Make sure that the grafted cactus is planted in a pot with proper drainage (either a plastic pot or any fancy pots with drainage holes), wait until the top 2 to 3-inches of the soil is dry, and has a good flow of oxygen to help prevent moisture from building up in the roots of your plant.
Most likely a fungal/bacterial issue
Hey Kenzie I would spray your plant down with a fungicide- neem oil works well too if you have pets and/or children.

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