Posted 1Y ago by @annapop

should i repot?
should i wait to repot or do it sooner rather than later? also how should i avoid hurting the bulbs. should i cut the plastic pot away?
4” pot
Last watered 10 months ago
I'd definitely repot. Cutting the bottom of the pot would be safest for the bulbs but if you can prop a new plant from them you could also try removing them and making a few babes!
Yes! A lot of indoor plants like to be rootbound; but once the roots start poppin out the drainage holes it's time to repot! gently cut the plastic pot away if the roots cannot be gently pulled out of the holes, and repot in a pot with drainage, and no bigger than 2" of the current pot🀍
@annapop I would definitely repot it now. I would use sharp scissors or a really sharp knife and very gently cut the nursery pot off. Use a well draining soil and a pot with drainage. I would go to a pot that is no bigger than 6 inches. Also remember that these guys love love humidity. I would make a makeshift pebble tray to put underneath it to boost the humidity some. I spritz mine daily. I am trying to avoid letting my new leave get brown edges. They are part of the calathea family. Here is mine.
@PlantMompy @rynroxx thank you both! the only thing i’m wondering is i just got her today and i don’t wanna shock her. should i still just go for it or wait a little for her to settle
@KikiGoldblatt wow! yours is so beautiful!!! i have a little greenhouse that i keep my alocaisa and calatheas in so i think she will be happy with them:). thank you for your advice!
@annapop I think to an extent it is personal preference. Personally, if I know I'm going to have to shock it I'd rather it be all at once, versus waiting a few weeks/months then letting it happen again. I don't know if this is "right," though.
@annapop I agree with @PlantMompy . Best to shock it at once then let it recover and shock it again
@PlantMompy @rynroxx okay that makes sense actually. i will do that today! thank you both again:)
Happy to help, @annapop!!