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Curling leaves
What is causing some of the leaves on my Monstera to curl? I read that it might be because it is root bound. Mine was so I repotted it about a week ago. If that is what was causing it will those curled leaves ever flatten out? #MonsteraFoliage
It may just be stressed from repotting! The short days may mean it takes a bit longer to recover, but the leaves should flatten back out once the roots reestablish and can soak up enough water again 🚿
It could also be due to over watering or bad soil… try watering less and give it time to recover 😊
I should have clarified. The leaves started curling before I repotted it so I thought maybe they were curling because it was root bound. I’ll try watering less but I only water it when Greg tells me and only if when I insert a moisture meter it looks low.
Its perfectly normal for monstera leaves to curl a little bit here and there. When your plant's root system becomes more advanced, you will find that the leaves curl less. πŸ˜™

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