Posted 3w ago by @iAmErica

I bought this pretty little plant labeled “succulent” and I figured I’d identify it when I got home with Greg. It’s coming up with baby sun rose which doesn’t seem to be a succulent… I was just wondering if I could have some opinions on if you think it’s right or what it might be!! Thank you :) #WhatTheSuccWednesday #SucculentSquad
2” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
A baby sunrose is a succulent but I am not sure that is what you have. @vvvelo @RJG? I would also add #SucculentSquad and #WhatTheSuccWednesday to your post. That will get it into those hashtags where our succulent experts will see it. (It won’t pick up my hashtags in the comments I don’t believe so they will need to be added to the original post.)
@GatherandGrow is dead on Erica. I'm not sure what your succulent is but someone will know!
It looks like a Lilly paddy
This is what Google says
@GatherandGrow thank you!!!
@melly thank you!!

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