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Hello Morning Everyone, I'm new to this community . Howev...

3” pot
Last watered 1 month ago
I noticed according to your plant card you have your plant in a pot with no drainage… This could be potentially why it is declining, due to moisture sitting at the bottom of the pot and the roots rotting. I would break the plant out of the pot and see how wet the soil is at the bottom. And then decide the next step. Good luck!!οΏΌ
Hi there! Welcome to the #GregGang! I’ll include a link to the Greg care guide for Jelly #Peperomia. I’ve also tagged the group in case anyone has more specific advice. The soil looks dry but based on the left stem bending I may be wrong. It looks like this pot has drainage but your card says no drainage. They definitely need drainage so if none, I’d pull the plant and check roots. If it does have drainage, stick your fingers in the soil an inch or two. If it’s dry it might be time to water. If it’s wet (vs moist) it needs some time to dry out a bit. Based on your watering, consider how long it has been wet if that is the case. If it’s been a little while, it might be a good idea to check the roots for rot.
Also, these babies love light. Best situation is within 3 feet of a south facing window. If that isn’t an option, a grow light will help supplement. And with added sunlight, the plant will need more water. If using a grow light, monitor closely to make sure it’s not so close that it’s burning the leaves.