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Propagate arrowhead vine
Just wondering how I go about propagating this plant. Any help is appreciated. #PropagationStation
8ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
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you can take cuttings just below anywhere it has nodes (i like to make sure it’s got some aerial roots too) and stick them in water, but be careful because syngoniums will rot on you if you don’t keep up with them! you can do moss or perlite if you don’t want to do water, but I have found success with water props, making sure to trim off any rot and change the water every 5-7 days. once the roots are 3-4 inches long, pot em up in a chunky, well draining mix (or back with the mother plant) and keep them relatively damp for a bit and they should acclimate nicely!! that’s what i’ve been doing with my white butterfly, Arnold 🥰 (pics of nodes with aerial roots and a water prop i’ve had going for 2-3 weeks!)
@BonesTBK @sydfog is correct. Follow her instructions and you will be fine.
@sydfog thank you! I appreciate it. Visuals are very helpful also. Haha
@BonesTBK always glad to help! I love this little rehab I got and syngoniums have a soft spot 🥰 I got a beautiful batik that was one of the first house plants that got me into plants in general and it’s my baby 🤩
@KikiGoldblatt honored to be backed by you! as a still semi new-ish plant mom, I have plenty to learn still but I love spreading my knowledge! 🥰
@sydfog you are very welcome. I’ve been into plants 🌱 for a year now. @sarahsalith has close to 400 plants. Check Sarah’s Oasis. Wow is all I can say.
@sydfog yes using node as a method of propagation. Definitely helpful . Thanks for sharing your knowledge

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