Posted 7M ago by @chee

Could anyone please help me to identify this plant?
A neighbor gave my mom in law this plant and another one, asked her to try to take care of it and said it'll have babies after it gets bigger... my mom in law forgot the name and I've no clue..
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
Whoa. Looks kinda like some aloe variant but I’ve never seen a plant quite like that before. Looks cool!
I supposed its a tropical plant., the leaves are rigid and was bright red but now got a bit of green on them.. prolly coz we put it under a big mango tree @Curry
It’s an earth star!
cool! thanks @Glassfull finally I can be sure that it is indeed an earth star... β™‘ very nice plant, hopefully will survive at our hands..
It’s a Pink Star Bromeliad!
thank youu @AmusingTutsan.. β™‘ it is so pretty, getting bigger now :)

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