Posted 1Y ago by @LisainSC1961

When do they bloom?
1ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 months ago
When they get the right lighting. It looks like your plant is a Schlumbergera truncata. It will bloom usually in the fall when the days just start getting shorter. Another type, the Schlumbergera bridgesii, will bloom right before Christmas, when the days are pretty short. The third type is the Rhipsalideae gaertneri, the Easter Cactus, and it blooms when the days get longer. I have one just like yours that I'm rehabilitating under grown lights and it's in bloom now.
This is misidentified. It’s a thanksgiving cactus. Provided it has darkness at night, it should bloom in November. It is a cactus though, so I would not leave that moss on the soil long term. It could keep in more moisture than I’d desirable. Looks healthy!
@sarahsalith thank you!!
@PolishDill thank you!! Should I just scrape the moss off?
they start to bloom when the days start getting shorter and they sense a temperature drop. I have mine close to a south facing window and it blooms yearly
@LisainSC1961 it’s probably just placed on top of the potting medium, likely not living in there.
@PolishDill How do I remove the moss? Scrape it or is there a solution I should put on it?
@LisainSC1961 just pull it out of there. Ps the plant type is still misidentified. You will probably get better settings from Greg if you have the correct plant type listed- thanksgiving cactus.

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