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I gotta question for all my #GregGang
How long u take to repot from store bought plants n also plant mail my Alocasia n other mini seems to be growing well in there nursery pots new growth not sure to #repot ? @RJG @AwesomePlants @jcPlantProper @kscape I need y’all help or anyone at that ! @ThePlantDadLife
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What @jcPlantProper said. Only time I repot immediately is if there's an issue and need to "rehab" it.

If you have any issues let us know! Join #alocasiaaddicts for all the pro tips!
I would wait at least a week and one water!
@jcPlantProper thank u hun
@ThePlantDadLife thank u ☺️
I usually wait two weeks if it needs it (unless it's a triage situation). If it's growing fine in the grow pot and not outgrowing it I usually put it in a cover pot and let it be until it outgrows the nursery pot. If I don't cover it I tend to want to repot more quickly πŸ˜‚
@PlantMompy lol I’m anxious to look at the roots lol πŸ˜‚
I wait a few days, but that also depends on where I got it from and if the soil looks drenched.

If it's a big box store, I replace the soil as soon as possible.

I also like to make sure I'm taking a look at the roots. Sometimes shops will stick fresh cuttings in soil or new props in a 4" that don't have an establised root system. While you can prop in soil, I'd rather prop in sphagnum and a clear container so I can see the progress of the roots.

Also, sometimes shops with put a plant in a 6" that isn't ready for that size pot.

Roots in too big of pots can cause root rot. I keep all mine in nursery pots and just drop them in a cachepot.
It's actually super easy! If they are coming out of the bottom holes it needs a repot, and if they aren't you're good! You can also just give the pot a little squeeze toward the bottom, if it's hard then it's full of roots, if it's soft you can wait!
@AwesomePlants so true u are so right I will sneak a peak lol that’s what I did w the pink princess now she’s keeps growing lol great advice hun πŸ€—
@PlantMompy thanks hun great advice
I wait about a week or so till the plant settles into my environment and then will repot in fresh new soil and water thoroughly if the leaves look like they could use a drink! If not, I’ll wait 2-3 days until I water and then it’ll be good to go! 😌🌿✨
Hahah! And here I am with plants that stay in their nursery pots for months on end! πŸ˜‚
@sarahsalith And it works because you have GORGEOUS plants! I just repot because there are so many cute pots out there! 😩πŸͺ΄
@sarahsalith lol true there was one I forgot all about but still was sprouting new growth until I saw roots I’m like repot my basil plant lol
I repotted one of my mini monstera I got two of them but one look completely #rootbound
Store bought- depends w little on the condition the plants and the soil are in. Sometimes I'll do it immediately and others I wait about 2 days or so.
Mail- depending on it's condition but also how long and far it traveled.
House plants- long travel will stay in their pot for a month
Succulents- long travel will stay in their pot for about 2 weeks
House plants- short travel will be repotted around 2 weeks
Succulents- short travel will be repotted around a week.
The better condition the plant and soil are in the quick it'll be to repot and the worse condition means longer time in the original pot .
Certain House plants do better waiting a month and others don't care. But I'd Def wait min of a week or so to see how it is and holding up and then try to decide
@KrunchyWrap thank u hun

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