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My #Dieffenbachia is starting to yellow and leaves are falling (I removed the super yellow ones already). I’ve been good about watering, even tried watering more often after it first started yellowing (good drainage so I don’t think it’s overwatered, and I live in a dry area so most of my plants appreciate more water than Greg suggests). Gets bright, indirect light. Just bought it so it’s been repotted recently. Any ideas?
5ft to light, indirect
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Mine is doing the same, but only on the bottom leaves. Its still putting out new growth though 🤷
I'm following this question.. mines looks the same way but keeps popping new leaves. I'm completely confused lol
@ManyLime @AggroResting
Same for me 😅
The one that sits in the window doesn’t but the one on my shelf with grow light does that same thing bottoms leaf turn yellow but still putting out a lot of new growth 🤷🏼‍♀️
Both my dieffenbachias are doing the exact same thing and I don’t get it. 🙈
Here is mine , I water her from the bottom up and I have by the window but the sun don’t hit her and she’s growing so beautifully
@Loveliest_Pao also it could be the pot you have her in she needs to able to release the extra water out
This where I keep her
@Loveliest_Pao it has good drainage and was just repotted! Yours is beautiful☺️
@Loveliest_Pao what kind of water do you use?

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