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How to keep my babies watered when on holiday

Hello fellow plant parents! I have a dilemma and this happens always on holiday time. How do I safeguard my babies from lack of water. My teenagers are not the problem. It’s the kids and babies that worry me. I even bought a drip irrigation and either I am doing something wrong or they don’t like it. The babies ended up being water logged so not happening. Anyone have any tips or suggestions to share? I will be done for 10 days. ❤️❤️
2” pot
Last watered 23 hours ago
I’m also wondering if it could be the height of the irrigation… right now the water container is at the same level as the plant
You might want to get a self-watering pot, that usually comes with a wick you stick up into the pot, and the water below should soak in gradually. I’m not totally sure your plant is one who will like it, but for 10 days it might work. You can control the total amount of water your plant will get while you are gone. Good luck and have a great time on holiday!🪴🛫
Oh wow, just noticed you’re in Zurich!