Posted 2w ago by @AggroResting

Top up the soil or does it need repotting? Root pruning? πŸ€”
AFAIK it could be in this pot as long as 8 yrs. I cannot lift the root ball out to inspect
What plant is it? And does it seem to be declining ?
@jcPlantProper its an Aglaonema. Its been slightly neglected at its previous home. some drooping and brown leaves, it was very thirsty and has some brown leaves.
It could also be from sun, but Im not sure. The younger leaves up top seem very healthy
@AggroResting you got it!!!
Eight years is a long time! Repot that plant!οΏΌ
@sarahsalith Im going to ask the previous owner if they know when it was repotted last . I added some more soil for now πŸ˜…
The roots do that a lot. Esp as the plant matures and gets taller. Adding soil won’t hurt but for sure if it’s rootbound it’s not gonna be too happy soon.
Oh dear. It might be difficult to find a large enough pot. The hunt begins

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