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Dying :(
My poor #Dieffenbachia is getting worse by the minute, and I can’t figure out what’s wrong? It gets bright, indirect sunlight. I’ve been good about watering (with filtered water) and even tried placing it next to a humidifier with no avail. It was repotted when I got it, so no problems there. Help! Any ideas?
5ft to light, indirect
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Best Answer
I would definitely trim back all the dead looking leaves so it’s not putting forth energy into trying to save them. It looks like it may be an overwatering issue. My dieffenbachia doesn’t like a lot of water and I bottom water it. Ever since I started bottom watering her she’s great and growing faster! I would check for root rot just to make sure and cut back on the water or wait till the top of the first is dryish before watering again. I also have mine in bright indirect light! Hope that helps! Good luck!
Well looks like you have a new leaf popping out so all is not lost. I would trim off the brown/yellow leaves so that the plant’s energy is directed towards the healthy and baby leaves popping out.
@VaJunebug thanks for the help!
@PlantTherapy Thanks, that is helpful! I was nervous it was overwatering but the soil is super dry… I’ll let it dry out even more to see!
Sorry to hear this. I just lost my Camille, and I don't know why either.

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