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How should I proceed?

Hi! My cactus grown from seed has really grown a lot lately. Up in till recently I've been watering it a little bit each day with a spray bottle (plus diluded fertilizer once a week by spraybottle for a few weeks) as this was recommended by a local plant store. But should I now start watering like a grown cactus and follow "Gregs" schedule? I have it tied loosely to a stick since it started getting top heavy. How do I get it more thick at the bottom? Also, when do I know when to repot? Thanks so much! #DroopingPricklyPear
2ft to light, direct
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
Wow! That’s impressive! I would start slowly letting it go without water longer than you have been and then adjusting to every couple of weeks and see what happens. Doesn’t appear to need a repot, but it might a little later down the road.