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New Hoya Mom-Help!

I adopted the Krimson Queen/Flamingo Hoya a few weeks ago, and I got the Hoya splash last week. The pink one’s leaves have gotten kind of soft and flexible, which from what I read, is not good. The green one still has nice, firm leaves for the most part. I’ve only watered each of them once, and they are both in very well draining soil, loose soil mixes I made from potting mix, orchid park, perlite, and lava rocks. They are both in unglazed clay/terracotta pots with large drain holes. They both are under grow lights; though I did just move the pink one next to the green one because the light is brighter and it’s closer to the humidifier. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? I’ve followed all the instructions I’ve found on sites like The Spruce. As I said, I’ve only watered them eachh one time since I got them, so it can’t be overwatering. The roots are getting plenty of air. Help! 🙏🏻🪴 #Hoya #HoyaHangout #HoyaHeads #HoyaKrimsonQueen #GregGang #GreggersSupportingGreggers #babevila
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
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@BabeVila after this same thing happened to me, this is what I found that NO OTHER site said and it’s working. *humidity*, they need humidity! After softening, they start to wrinkle, then the stems and vines will wrinkle, and finally they all shrivel up and become almost sunken - they look emaciated because all the water in those parts are drying up. I couldn’t figure it out and after months of research, I stumbled onto this article. Adding humidity worked for @TheOddAsity , but mine were too far gone to save them. She has photos to show the quick difference it made for her.

Here’s a great article, it’s about the Krimson Princess, but there is some really great info.

Here’s their plant specific guide area, maybe your specific Hoya is there?
It sounds like you’re doing everything right! I do t do anything special for my Hoyas, just water when they’re dry. Have you checked the roots on the pink one?
@BabeVila sorry I have no input in advice here. Hopefully things will turn around for her shortly. You know some plants are such dramas maybe she just wanted to keep you on your toes! 🤭 wishing you all the best, they are all beautiful plants. 🙏🏻🙃
@debbiedo I haven’t, but when I potted her, like, two or three weeks ago, they were fine. Should I check them? I did get her from Home Depot and they like to drown their plants 🙃
@EZLennyLance thank you! I do have them next to a humidifier, but maybe I need a bigger one? I will read the articles now. Thanks so much!
@BabeVila let me know what you think, I really appreciated the information provided in the article. Good luck!!
@BabeVila The photo on the left is the night I put the pebble tray under my Hoyas. The photo on the right is this morning. It’s been about 60 ish hours. The photos don’t do it justice but I have 3 Hoyas that are not doing well despite all my efforts, the efforts you have described. A pebble tray is the most feasible for me for now as they are all right by my kitchen sink, so running a cord isn’t a great idea. @EZLennyLance and I have been racking our brains because all the guides said “any” humidity would work. But when you research, most Hoyas are from Malaysia, so I am pretty sure they do care!
@TheOddAsity I totally agree, I’m just stumped because they’ve both been close to humidifiers since I brought them home. @HoyaAddict I’m sorry for the public call out, but do you have any suggestions for me? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
@BabeVila I’m going to tag @Rockrlee , she’s at least in the same state as you and it seems like her Hoyas are thriving, it looks like she has a lot of plants and experience as well. I’m sorry if your locations are not similar, because I know the weather in my state has many climate zones. Maybe she can tell you what’s worked for her as well. Again, good luck!
@EZLennyLance thank you so much! I just checked and some of the leaves seem a little bit more firm, now. I left the humidifier on all day while I was at work. But I’d love to hear any and all suggestions! 💚💚💚
@BabeVila me too, I’ll probably stalk this post as well 👀. I’m glad they’re getting firmer, I really hope it works. My humidity is finally up in my house after 3 days of 2 humidifiers and 3 pebbles trays in the same area running 24/7, it’s dry here and my Hoyas don’t like it. 🤷🏼‍♀️
@BabeVila love your collection! I'm looking into getting a new Hoya too. I have a #hoyatricolor named JAZZY && she is my favorite out of the family. I'm becoming obsessed with Hoyas while figuring out how to care for them. I've followed all the steps like you; humidifier & good light. I have an Aroid soil mix arriving tomorrow by the brand Molly's Mix (pretty much same as yours), && plan to repot it. My only debate is what kind of pot; nursery in a terracotta or just put it in the terracotta OR just keep it in its original pot with the new soil. Hoping this will encourage new growth && better care. Please keep us updated! Blessings ☀️🍀💖
@SUNSHiNEPLANTS Hi! I think terracotta is always the best choice! It absorbs extra water, and all my plants that are in it are doing so well, I’m thinking of switching to all terracotta! But as I have over 200 plants, it’s going to take a while and be expensive 🤣 Thank you so much for your kind words, and good luck with your own Hoya baby! 💖
@EZLennyLance I have an update! humidifier on all night, I got up this morning, and Ms. Krimson Queen is firming up! I guess that was it, maybe I didn’t have her close enough before. I’m going to invest in one of those fancy humidifiers that lets you set the percentage next paycheck. Hopefully this is the end of my Hoya woes! 💚🙏🏻🪴
@BabeVila wohoo, yay! I’m so glad it’s working, isn’t it crazy? Why isn’t this plant saving information in every article, like why?! If needed, you can try a few pebble tray/plates in the area, that’s helped too; I have three in a 2 ft span. Because you’re using terracotta, if you get a saucer the size of the bottom of the pot (ex 4”), then place that saucer upside down in a saucer that is the next size up (ex 6”); you can have it in a pebble tray without taking up more space or affecting the terracotta. They have clear 6-10 packs of rigid saucers on Amazon for about $5-7 and found a 5 lb bag of 1/5” pebbles for about $16, it would be less than $30 for many trays. I’d be happy to provide links if you’re interested.
@EZLennyLance I actually have a ton of pebbles and I don’t know why lol. So now I can use them! And I have the trays too 🤗 thank you for the idea 💚
@BabeVila oohh on hand and free is always awesome, now you can use that money for more plants 😂!
Hey @SvelteHoyalisa we just had a whole conversation about Hoyas, their soil, and their need for humidity. Just thought I’d tag you here in case any of the info here is helpful to your situation. Good luck! 🍀
@BabeVila how’s Juliana doing and how did the coco husk go?
@EZLennyLance Julianna is doing much better. Most of her leaves are firm again and she looks much perkier. I think another part of the problem may have been her pot and soil mix were TOO well-draining because I checked her roots and they were dry as a bone (still healthy though) and I read that the soft leaves could come from underwatering as well, so I potted her in a smaller, concrete pot with a bit smaller drainage hole, in the same soil mix. Then I watered her deeply and I think that’s helping her perk up, too! Thanks for checking on her! ♥️♥️♥️
@EZLennyLance oh and I haven’t used the coco husk yet, but I’m repotting some plants later today and might try it out!
@BabeVila I had the same problem with my first queen, but I didn’t know about the humidity factor, so my soil adjustment didn’t make enough of a difference. From personal experience and all I’ve been researching, I think coco coir is the right amendment needed in the soil to retain just enough moisture, you don’t need a lot either.

My new princess & queen haven’t been repotted, but they’re in a coir/pearlite combo and living their best life. They’ve had no softening or wrinkling, they’re actually growing, new leaves and all, and doing great; plus, I haven’t watered them at all and I’ve had them since April 4th. That is what made me rethink so much! Then, I watched a lady who lived by a rainforest use only coco husk to plant her ferns, then she says in her native language, “I hear people pot these in soil, but these don’t grow in soil; they grow on logs, trees and rocks.” She was so matter of fact about it, it made me laugh and rethink things. Since I don’t live in the rainforests, I can’t only use husk, I need something that will retain some moisture. I’m undecided if I want to try 1 part coir, 2 part chips; or 1 part coir, 1 part chips, 1 part perlite. I want to test them out, so we’ll see. I have some smaller Hoyas I just got, so I might ask them to help test a therory.

Being the nerd I am, I asked Chat GPT too, he says my theory is sound. 🤣
@EZLennyLance Wow! That is so interesting. Do you think I should repot mine in just the coco and perlite?
I can volunteer one of mine as a guinea pig 🐹 . I’ll keep a journal and we can see.
@HunkyLeadplant see the info here too.