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Spider mites
I thought I made it through getting rid of the mites on my Alocasia but they seem to be back ๐Ÿ˜ฉ any ideas on how to best get rid of them?
7โ€ pot
Last watered 1 week ago
Ugh! Pollyโ€™s! I had this issue with my Polly and I was doing good w keeping up with them until I stopped being consistent.
Weekly, when I watered, I would put the plant in the shower and rinse all the leaves. Top and bottom. This was its watering and cleaning. After the leaves were rinsed, I wiped them again with soapy water and then rinsed it again lol. The most important thing it to make sure theyโ€™re in higher humidity and youโ€™re wiping the leaves. Some people use neem oil too instead of soapy water
@jcPlantProper is right. My Polly has (had?) spider mites and consistency is the key. I spray mine down with Natria Insecticidal Spray๏ฟผ every other day. I'll keep it up for about three weeks.
Thank you both! I guess I thought I could let it be but knowing I have to keep it up makes more sense

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