Posted 1w ago by @CadyBaby210

Ummm can somebody tell me what’s going on? I’m sure it’s some type of fungus and I’m just going to throw the whole plant away because idk how to fix it or if it’s toxic :( if anybody could tell me what it is would be great
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
And all the hair is from my husky I am sorry lol, I was just about to repot it and found this
I had that happen to some of my plants last summer! I can’t remember what it was (although I think it was toxic) and what I read said to remove as much as you could and just continue until there is none left overtime. It worked for me and I haven’t seen it back since. Make sure you keep it away from other plants though because it’s spores that will travel easily.
White mold is not toxic to you or the plant, the orange stuff I'm not sure what it is but I have it in lots of my plants, no problems from it. The yellow stuff tho, not really sure. It could just be that you have extremely healthy soil and all the fungi are like "dis my home now"... 🤷
It's baby mushrooms lol
Yes that’s what it is!
Huh and apparently the orange stuff I referred to above is just what happens when your have iron rich water. 🤷 The more you know...

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