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I'm seeing very very thin webs on my peace lily

Abel has been doing better, he's gotten more leaves and I'm happy, but while looking at the new leaves, I've spotted these webs.
I've heard of the infamous spider mites, I don't like the idea of them. Please tell me what you think and what I should probably do. insects">#insects #peacelillies
1ft to light, direct
7โ€ pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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@LetsFlourish You can also use a spray of dish soap and water to get rid of spider mites. Few drops of soap in a small spray bottle of water. Saturate the area you see webs or weird growth. Give it a day, check to see if evidence is gone. If so, you're done for now. If not, spray again.
I've had excellent results with the soapy water. But I don't like using neem oil and won't if I don't have to. A Horticulturalist friend recommended the soapy water treatment for my succulents.

One other option that might be okay for your plant is an organic systemic treatment - I've got some I use for shrubs and trees that get an infestation of mites and/or aphids. It's liquid you add to water and then simply water the plant with it. I bought it on Amazon. Just don't know if it's safe for your peace lily houseplant. Your local nursery should be able to answer that for you
You can spray the soil with pepper mint oil or rosemary oil and wipe your leaves with neem oil to help get rid of these pests
spider mites have always shown up for me as webby rather than single strands. Could it be a regular spider dropped some silk in traveling?