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Do succulents and cacti prefer a bottom soak or to be watered from the top?
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@EarthlySoybean no problem. The most helpful thing was getting a soil moisture meter. You can find them for as cheap as $6 sometimes. I bought two different ones and both seem to work fine. That way I can ensure the soil is completely dry all the way to the bottom before I ever water again. Much better to underwater than to risk any possible chance of overwatering. They can easily recover from being dehydrated and have evolved to survive drought. But they get killed really easily from rot if overwatering. So if you aren’t sure it’s best not to water and just wait. I have some lithops I haven’t watered in over 3 months. Some are more rot prone than others so you have to learn the plant. They will usually show signs when they need to be watered. They will feel extra soft and squishy or they will look shriveled in appearance some. Weather, pot size and soil can all make a huge difference
I like to do both. I water from the top and then let them soak in the excess water that drains out for 20 min or so. Most important is that you have a good draining soil that dries fast and pots with good drain holes
I will sometimes water from the top multiple times and then still soak them to ensure the soil gets completely wet. Then I can go a good amount of time before I have to water again. Just need good soil that doesn’t stay wet too long to avoid rot issues. I really like rabbit hill farms soilless cactus mix
Do water right after repotting? if you watch at about 11 min into the video they talk about watering. He has thousands of dollars worth of very rare and expensive cacti that are hard to find. So much money in that collection. So he definitely has to make sure they are watered properly. It’s a good video in general but very useful watering info
@EarthlySoybean no. I wait 3-7 days to water after repotting for any possible damaged roots to heal and callous over first to avoid any rotting issues
@SirLiquorice thanks so much! 😊
@SirLiquorice oops. I already watered a few. Well, we’ll see what happens….
Great answers @SirLiquorice maybe even best answers 👀
@EarthlySoybean just wait before watering again until the soil dries all the way. They will probably be fine if roots weren’t damaged bad from repotting. But I always wait as an extra precaution just to be safe. I usually wait to repot them until they start to outgrow the pot also. They seem to do best if the pot is just the right size and not too large. Better to be in a pot that’s just barely big enough rather than a pot that’s way too big
Terra cotta pots also help dry the soil faster. So that’s usually recommended to use terra cotta pots for cacti and succulents but you don’t have to. Just make sure the soil is draining and drying fast. Even add lava rocks if you need to
@SirLiquorice I just bought one last night. It’s going to be a huge help. Thanks.
@EarthlySoybean ok that’s good. One of the soil meters I bought has a light meter also. That could be helpful also. The location they are placed is usually the most important thing. That way you can try to recreate their natural habitat as closely as possible and try and make a little micro climate for it. Some need direct sun all day some need filtered light. Or some may do best with direct sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon at the time when it’s the hottest. That will help make sure they don’t get burned as well. Have to find the exact amount of sunlight that each one prefers. A few I have grow the prettiest under the grow lights inside. Outside the sun kinda bleaches the leaves a little, where inside they grow perfect and dark green. Madagascar palms will be fine in the direct sun, but this one is prettier I’ve noticed under these grow lights. It was getting some scarring and more dehydrated and the leaves weren’t as nice looking for sure. I just took these pics now because I noticed the leaves look pretty good. That one almost gets forgotten about until the app tells me to water it.

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