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Greg says this is either an ox tongue (91%) OR a pillow c...

3” pot with drainage
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I think it’s a Crassula Silver Springtime. It sure is a beautiful plant. I think it’s called crassula Morgan’s beauty Silver Spring time too.
My novice one cent would be to call it a crassula tecta (Lizard Skin Crassula) based on the colouring.

Maybe #succulentsquad could help as well
Thank you! The coconut coir toupee it’s wearing really kind of threw me. It
gives me a place to look. love the chonky leaves and that dark grayish green color.
Hi Patricia! This is what my pillow feet Crinkle leaf plant looks like. So I don’t think it is is that.
@RousingSourwood Thanks for the picture! I thought the Crinkle Leaf was a little bit out of left field. The closest I could find to my plant was a Crassula β€œSpringtime” but its little pink flowers were in full bloom, so I’m not positive 😊
Does it look like this?
@RousingSourwood Great minds think alike! That’s my tenative guess as well. I ordered one to plant with it.
@RousingSourwood Yes! It matches that foliage and I assume the toupee on mine are the dried up flowers. Hoping the one I just ordered will keep it company 😊 Thanks!
@SwiftJellycup i’m taking your right. πŸ˜ƒ