Posted 2w ago by @suuuii

what is wrong with my Monstera?
A few of the leaves on my monstera are turning yellow with brown spots on them
Mine has turned yellow too after splitting them and repoting
@suuuii did it get overwatered? Is the soil draining ok?
I would say it probably needs to be re-potted it’s getting too big for its pot! I would go up at least two more inches in size! Monsteras grow fast!  I believe it’s getting root bound! 
90% of my plant problems are overwatering and/or slow draining soil AND light!

Check your soil and give more light seems to be the most useful advice I've been given!!
When you water it, so you let it sit in water or do you drain the excess ? They don’t like sitting in water. And they don’t mind being a little dry. Esp if they’re small

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