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Anyone have experience with dracaenas? #dracaena
This one has pushed out a root from the draining hole. Unsure if I need to repot in a bigger diameter pot or just a taller pot. It was repotted recently and it had a teeny tiny rootball, so this is surprising. Do these get deep roots? Its in a 3.5inch pot right now.
I'm willing to bet that's a rogue root that's searching for pooling water. (:

However, your plant is in a perfect pot size at the moment ... but it'll probably need a repot soon! It's such a good looking plant!
If the plant comes out easily without damaging the root ball, I’d say see how the roots look. If roots are all the way down to the bottom starting to look compacted, then I’d repot. Maybe 2” bigger pot. But if the roots don’t look too cramped I’d leave it another season.
@NimbleMistystar I agree with @sarahsalith on this. If you do repot go up about an inch or two on a pot with drainage.

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